Software development course for absolute beginners - a very good introduction to programming
You will learn enough to land a paying software development job after this course
Number of videos and articles in this course: 123
4 certificates will be awarded

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TIP: In case you don't know, If you start learning to program this month, you can be in a well-paying software developer job before 4 months

Software development is not rocket science if taught very simply and in a way you can easily understand it.

I have taught software development to over 100,000 students around the world with over 20 million views on my course.


2. CSS
3. Javascript
4. Bootstrap 4 
5. Database design and implementation
6. How to design beautiful websites from scratch 
7. How to clone an already designed website
8. How to find a software developer job after taking this course

People who wish to get into software development but don't know how.

People who have never done anything at all in software development but want to change careers into it

The total course hours is about 3.

1. You just need to be able to spare 30 mins a day to learn and practice
2. You need a laptop to be able to practice this course

1. I don't know how to build a website, can I still take this course? Yes

2. I don't have a laptop, can I take this course? No. You need a laptop. You can borrow one for the period.
3. I didn't go to school, can I learn this course? Yes
4. I do not have a background in computer science, can I learn this course? Yes
5. Do I need to be good in maths before I can learn this course? No, not at all. There is no mathematics in it at all.
6. Is it hard to learn? no, not at all. you just need to take it step-by-step, 30 mins per day.
7. How long will it take me to complete this course? This course is fully practical, so if you commit about 1 hour per day, you will be through within 2 weeks. 
8. Can I find a job with this after 3 weeks? Yes, that will be an internship job because you don't have the experience yet. But if you take out extra time to build more projects on your own with what you have learned, you will land much bigger jobs. Companies mostly ask for what you have built during an interview. This course teaches you how to build one full project from start to finish.
9. What is the course duration? 2 to 6 hours
10. When will the training start? Whenever your registration is complete
12. Do I have permanent access to the course after registration? Yes

* What is the nature of the course?:
This is an online course, you will be given access once you complete your registration.

When is the class starting?:
Your class starts whenever you complete your registration below.
You can take it from home and at your own pace.

Does this course come with a certificate?
Yes, this course comes with 4 Certificates