VIRALITY: How to create viral content for brands and get millions of views organically

What makes things go viral? What is the science

By Dave Partner
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A viral content is anything you post online that achieves a high level of awareness (millions of views) within a few hours due to shares and exposure on social media networks, news websites, aggregators, email newsletters, and search engines.

Virality saves money for companies and brands, this is money that would have sunk into paid advertising. In this course, you will be learning the science of virality and how to engineer videos, posts, texts, and images that generate millions of views within hours.
what does going viral mean Archives - Social Media Worldwide

If you post on social media at all, you need to take this course and learn how to make things go viral.
Going viral ensures you get more social media following, more sales and more exposure.
Many companies will pay a fortune to anyone that can easily craft content that will go viral for them. 

Here are some examples of pictures that have gone viral in the past, this course contains the science behind crafting such for business brands. 
viral photos of 2017, most viral pictures of 2017, most popular pictures of 2017
Picture of Trump drinking water after returning from his asian tour.

2. Indian kids and their teacher saluting the national flag in the middle of a flood.
 viral photos of 2017, most viral pictures of 2017, most popular pictures of 2017

3. Pepsi attacked Coke with this advert, coke edited the picture and changed the caption. The two pictures garnered tens of millions of shares throughout the internet.
Coke vs Pepsi in 7 print ads

4. A funny photoshopped picture with millions of shares
5. Nivea a beauty cream company decided to ride on the popularity of faceapp. FaceApp is a mobile phone app that can make people's faces look old in pictures. It went viral at some point and Nivea quickly created this image and it went viral too.
Stay original with Nivea #RealTimeMarketing #FaceApp #Nivea ...
6. A Ghanaian actress snapped this picture with her child (this is the photoshopped version). It got millions of views, shares and retweets.
 See pictures of clothes graphic designer came up with for Ghanaian ...
In this course, you will learn the science behind all these viral pictures that end up making millions of dollars in revenue for companies who produced them. There is also a sheet included that helps you calculate if your content will go viral.

What will students learn
1. What virality is
2. The elements of virality
3. Why people share
4. The concept of Search Engine Optimization
5. How to calculate virality
6. How to create viral headlines
7. Viral Images

Target students
1. People who want to be good Social Media and Content Managers
2. Writers 
3. Social Media Managers
4. Advertising Agents

1. You need to have a phone or a laptop.
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