[E-book] How a street corn seller started and grew her business to a 25 billion naira business

startup process explained in a beautiful story

By Dave Partner
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Why is it that at every street corner where there is a cute lady selling corn, there is always some dude buying too much corn just because he wants to date her? Even though there are other corn sellers down the road, she is the only one he keeps buying from. What do you call that? CUSTOMER LOYALTY!

Caption This Picture Of A Beautiful Lady Selling Roasted Corn By The Road  Side - Career - Nigeria

Sometimes he is able to finally collect her number and they chat late in the evenings. Every morning, she reminds him to come around to buy corn from her. What do you call that? MAILING LIST.

Every time he comes to buy corn, she convinces him to buy other things she sells such as pear, coconut etc. What do you call that? SALES FUNNEL.

She makes money daily from the corn selling but not enough to pay her school fees, build her mum a house and send her dad abroad for treatment. She complains to the guy, the guy shows up next evening, moving from door-to-door in the street, telling everyone to come buy corn.

What do you call that? MARKETING.

Soon a lot of people started visiting her stand to buy corn, it was good at first until she realized she was no longer able to fry enough corn to sell to all the customers coming. She needs a way to produce as much corn as possible without over

stressing herself, what do you call that? SCALABILITY

The guy has an idea to solve this problem, but will only provide it if the girl agrees that he will own part of the business too. So they register the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. What do you call that? INCORPORATION.

Now they both own the business, which they named CORNSeller , they also split their ownership 50-50. What do you call that? CO-FOUNDERs 

But what is the best way they can show that they each own 50% of the company? They decided to create 8 million shares in the company during registration. The guy owned 4 million shares and the lady owned the other 4 million shares. That means they own 50% each. For instance, instead of telling someone "You own half of this auditorium", you can fill the auditorium with 8 million chairs, then tell the person "You own 4 million chairs in this auditorium". What do you call that? ISSUING OF


Now that is sorted, the guy brings an idea: he gets the numbers of all the other corn sellers in all the other neighboring streets. So when there is a high demand for corn...

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