Online Business Course Level 2 + Master Class (Grow from $1,000 - $450,000 in one year)

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This is a course that comes with a 1-month after-course masterclass and mentorship until you start making more than $5,000/mo!
This course will help you easily grow from $1,000 to over $400,000 within the year. 

1. Who is this course for?
A: For people who earn above $1,000/mo or N350,000, and wish to start any easy business that can easily start making $5,000 - $20,000/mo the first 3 months. 
This course is for people who are working class and don't have time to run any time-consuming business by the side. 

2. What is contained in the course?
A: A lot, it contains the main course and then a FREE 1-month mentorship masterclass. That is, we want to work with you until you start earning a lot. 
The main course is a tutorial on how to set up a smart online platform that will be automatically buying and selling items online for you online while sending you the profits at the end of every month. This is not a forex or binary option. The items to be bought and sold are everyday items such as nice wristwatches, clothing, shoes, etc. 
The software will import the items for you, charge your customers, then deliver the items to them. All without any further input from you after you have done the initial work of setting it up. 

3. Do I need to have gone through level 1 before going through this level 2? 
A: NO, level 2 also covers level 1 then goes further. 

Is it hard to learn?
A: No, not at all. No calculations, no mathematics, nothing. As you will see when you get the course, it is very very easy and does not require you to crack your brain for anything at all. 

Will my face and identity be shown to the public?
A: No, your identity or face won't show, it is a very private business. Only the name you give to the business will be showing to customers and every other person. You are the only one that knows that you are the owner of the business. 

Do I need to have a laptop to take this course?
A: Yes, you need a laptop to set up the different platforms, after which, you can start making use of your phone. No, you dont need to be an expert in using a laptop, you just need to have access to one.
For the level 1 course, you do not need a laptop. 

4. What is the difference between level 1 and level 2 courses?
A: Level 1 is for people with little or no capital but simply wants to start earning online. 
Level 2 is for people who have at least $1000 (N350,000) capital and wish to build a sustainable high-earning business online. Building a huge business you can retire to and making quick money online are two different things. 
Secondly, the process of making money in level 1 is very manual, it requires your input at every stage. Most people who have a daily job cannot cope with this system. Level 2 is 100% automated. Once you have set everything up, it all runs by itself 100%. 

5. Is this course for only Nigerians or does it work anywhere in the world?
A: This course works for all countries. 
People who are in developed countries will earn substantially higher than people in certain African countries. 

6. What is the highest amount I can earn from using the method in this course?
A: I have seen someone who moved from $2,000/mo salary as a 19 years old accountant to $10m/year 2 years later. 
Now, this is one of the fastest growths I have ever seen. But on the average, I see people easily move from $2,000 to $150,000/year in their first year. 

7. How much is this level 2 course?
This course costs $997 or ₦350,000 from next week, but if you preorder it right away, you'll get it for ₦266,000 or $739. 
One-on-one training and mentorship are available via Skype for the first 1 month. We also estimate that all participants should start earning above $5,000 after the first month.  
To get this course, fill the form below and follow the instructions on the next page.

We only need 15 participants, if this cost is too much for you, please don't fill the form below. Instead, get the course level 1 here =>
The level one above is for people without capital. 

If you have any personal questions that weren't covered in the above, just email

What will students learn
  • Full website walkthrough
  • Product Research
  • Product Criteria
  • How to find products that are already selling
  • How to price your products to ensure high sales
  • Creating a high converting website
  • Implementing the most essential apps to automate your whole process
  • How to set up your business platform account
  • How to run Facebook ad campaigns
  • The exact scaling method to do $5,000+ first month onwards

Target students
  • Anyone who wants to make a living online and travel the world within 6 months of starting.
  • Beginners and intermediate, there is something to learn for everyone

  • Be able to Navigate the internet
  • Have access to a laptop for the initial setup. No need to be a laptop guru.

Frequently asked questions:
1. What is the course duration? 2 to 6 hours
2. When will the training start? Whenever your registration is complete
3. Do I have permanent access to the course after registration? Yes

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