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Registration Date: 23 April 2021

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Dave Partner: Software developer, Online business coach and trainer.
COURSES I CREATED     |     All Courses
[E-book] How a street corn seller started and grew her business to a 25 billion naira business | ₦1,300
Entrepreneurship: 10-day startup launch blue print - from idea to funding in 10 days | ₦2,500
How to transform your small business into a fast-growing startup | ₦2,200
List of Phone numbers and Emails of Nigerian Rich Men giving out free money to small businesses and ideas | ₦1,800
Online Business Course Level 1 - easy and profitable ecommerce business for people without capital | ₦8,200
Online Business Course Level 2 + Master Class (Grow from $1,000 - $450,000 in one year) | ₦268,000
Youtube Masterclass: Start and run your own successful youtube channel from phone or laptop | ₦35,000
[For phone users] A Complete Guide To Youtube Success | ₦5,500
Make $3,000 per month from teaching people online | ₦8,000
Software development course for absolute beginners - a very good introduction to programming | ₦47,300
How to build inter-generational wealth from scratch | ₦40,000
Professional Web Design and Development - No Programming involved | ₦45,000
Databases and Data structures masterclass - how to structure and build databases for apps and websites | ₦20,000
The Social Media Management Masterclass for people who want to start earning over ₦172,000 per month | ₦25,000
Social Media Management: 52 weeks of valuable content to post on your social media accounts daily | ₦45,000
Blogging masterclass for absolute beginners | ₦8,000
VIRALITY: How to create viral content for brands and get millions of views organically | ₦16,000
How to build your own blog on blogger and start publishing articles | ₦4,350
Product Design Master Class: How to design app and website user interfaces for large companies | ₦16,200

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