Professional Web Design and Development - No Programming involved

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This course teaches you step-by-step how to build different kinds of professional websites without writing codes. It is ideal for people who wish to have a fruitful and good-paying career in web development but without involving programming.

Unlike the software development course which teaches you how to build websites using programming, this one teaches you how to build websites by just clicking buttons and using drag and drop. If you aren't sure which to go for, start with this one. 

What will students learn
1. How to Install and Setup Wordpress 2020 
2. How to Install and setup elementor 
3. How to build different kinds of websites using available tools
4. How to create personal emails such as 
5. How to buy and register your own domain names
6. How to buy your own web hosting accounts
7. How to find web development jobs online

Target students
People who wish to learn web development fast and kick off a career in it within the week.
People who don't like programming but love web development

1. A laptop, that's all you need. This course can only be taken using a laptop.
Frequently asked questions:
1. What if I have only a phone? 
Answer: Don't take the course. 
2. I don't have a school degree. 
Answer: It doesn't matter 
3. I don't have a background in programming or computer science.
It doesn't matter. 
4. How long will it take to finish this course?
Answer: It depends on your pace. At 30 mins per day, you will be through within a week. 

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